why we lose relations


Have  a Look on how you can save yourself By Losing your Important Diamond


The mistakes that we do in relations and end up losing our lovable angel or prince.


                                                                                  here are few example what you should do and what you should not do to avoid these situations.


* Never Ignore first of all. Always focus on what your lover is saying and never cut the phone is between while he is saying something. Simple way to feel how the other person ‘ll feel is to keep yourself at that place and start thinking about it like what you would have done. After you ignoring him several times and still the person is trying to make you smile everyday then you are the luckiest person to have him in your life , don’t lose them.

* When He always makes you feel special please try to appreciate him too and let him feel special. Let him feel that you also care for him and you miss him when he is not around. It ‘ll create a bound between you and him which ‘ll keep his emotions attached to you.

* Always let him feel you are there with him. Spend time together. We understand that everybody don’t get much time to meet but at least try your best put your effort. At the day when you put yourself in a relation your decisions not depends on your it should be about Ours.

* Feel free to share anything but do not share which might hurt others. sometimes you’ll have do certain compromises please do it if other is also doing it. At the end of the day make sure that you are not loosing the one you waited so long.

* If some one Try to find his world in you let them feel your world by them. Everyone who loves you unconditionally wants you to love them back in the same way. so always be romantic never try to spoil the others mood and Stay Together For Forever.

                                                                                           These are not the tips these are my own experience which ‘ll really help you to make your relations better and even this is also i try from me to make some one understand about the importance of feelings.


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