My Promise To You shona

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I promise baby, I’ll love you,
And with you forever I’ll stay,
I’ll do anything and everything,
To keep any harm to you away.

I promise baby, I’ll give you hugs,
That only I can give,
I’ll honor and protect you,
As long as I shall live.

I promise baby, I’ll give you kisses,
So sweet that forever you’ll taste,
I’ll kiss you until every tomorrow is here,
No kisses for you will go to waste.

I promise baby, I’ll be here with you,
Like I know you’ll be here for me,
I’ll bring happiness to your eyes,
That can only be brought by me.

I promise baby, I’ll never again hurt you,
Forever have no fears,
I’ll give up everything,
To see you cry no tears.

I promise baby you can trust me,
I’ll give you the world and more,
I’ll be your fairy-tale suitor,
You shall be my Cinderella girl.

I promise baby I’ll treat you,
As every women should be,
My beautiful royal princess,
I’ll show you off for everyone to see.

I promise all this to you,
Promises so deep,
I promise baby,
All of these to keep.

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