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My Web Name is Hot Blogger

aksh 2222

I was Born on 9th July 1993 and studied in Delhi , pursuing BA  from Delhi university and working as a customer service representative at  jabong.com


 My Aim is to Earn Money that’s Y looking for a good carrier . I can Entertain People , I can do everything but not Studies that’s y i don’t want to be an officer or a scientist. My Math is too weak and my Imagination is too good. I write songs when m sad OR feeling Romantic in any other situation my hobby is singing. I sleep at day and work at night. I like Punjabi Sufi songs of master Saleem who is my favorite and in party its yo yo Honey Singh. I M bit Emotional and time to time professional. Flexibility & Confidence are my strength.

I am Aquarius which says;

Aquarius Rashi Your Moon sign has given you very intense emotions which you often suppress. You do not want people to know what you’re really thinking and feeling because you think that would hurt your standing in the society and the respect you command. That’s why people may think you’re unemotional or robotic.

You’ve worn this mask as you don’t want to be neglected and avoided by your close ones. And in this way your original nature stays dormant.

People of Aquarius Moon sign think that being a sensitive person will make them look weak, but forgets that spontaneity is a bright quality too. In any case this is a part of your character that won’t be changed easily. You long for expressing the hidden thoughts in you, yearn to get carried away with the moment, but then draw back.

Aquarius Moon also gives you a shifting temperament. You change things about yourself and surprise others. Sometimes the changes in your outlook or opinions may even cause clashes with your family members and friends.

Deep inside you want to be loved and trusted by everyone. Give a vent to your true emotions; show your capabilities and other side of your nature! You will be always welcomed and cared for.

This was a small Introduction of AkSh Sharma.

You Can Find me on Twitter , Skill pages , RocketTalkFacebook And Google+


AkSh A Sharma

Brand – Indian

BoRn tO bE tHe bEsT 😉

AkSh ( A real reflection )


=> Basically I create Blogs . Most of the Blogs are related to the topics like how you can create your own blogs and how can you make them visible in Google Search. As being an SEO in my blogs ( https://akshs92.wordpress.com/hot-blogger/ ) i tell you about the tricks that helps you to get more traffic to your blog.

=> Another Topic in most of my Blogs that you are going to find is Love Tips… Yes the true relationship tips who helps you to retain your relationship just like it shown in http://akshreflection.blogspot.in/ https://akshs92.wordpress.com/tips-to-manage-your-relationship/ these websites/blogs contains Love Tips in all the languages… There is a converter given on the very top of that page which ‘ll help you to change your language preference.Please visit to this site check all the Tips and your suggestion your advise ‘ll be Entertained and appreciated. PLEASE SUGGEST IF YOU WANT TO ADD SOMETHING MORE TO IT.

=> And I really love to post pictures on my Blogs. I post pictures of mine cause i have all the rights to post mine but not yours … So if you want me to post your pictures ( the creative pictures of yours ) , then i can do that too. [ Caution- pictures posted on my page may be visible in Google search ] But the pictures that you send me that should not be copied  from Google. It should be your Own Creativity and we ‘ll appreciate it and ‘ll help you to get it posted on Web.

=> I Encourage people to earn money when they are spending their big time in surfing Internet. So if you think that you really spend a lot of time on Internet then make it useful for you and get paid for it…Google pays you for the advertising, if you are interested then click on this link   https://payperpost.com/rATR   and it ‘ll take you to the page where you can login yourself to get paid for advertising through website.


My All Blog links i have created so Far :-

=> akshreflection.blogspot.in/p/blog-page_2.html

=> http://akshreflection.blogspot.in/

=> https://akshs92.wordpress.com/tips-to-manage-your-relationship/

=> http://anandaksh.webs.com/about

=> http://aksboy.wordpress.com/






                           Thank You For Visiting My Site Today have A Great Time Ahead !



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